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Happy Valentine's Day

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Cedar Waxwings

flock of cedar waxwingsAn entire flock of Cedar Waxwings stayed in the yard all day today. These sleek birds are very striking with their masked eyes, bright red-tipped wings and bright yellow tips on their tail feathers. They were busy eating the evergreen hedge berries most of the day and every now and then would fly up to a nearby poplar and rest in the sunshine, almost always sitting in rows along the branches.

cedar waxwings lined up on branchesAccording to wikipedia, when the end of a twig holds berries that only one bird at a time can reach, members of a flock will line up along the twig and pass berries beak to beak down the line so that each bird gets a chance to eat. Click photos to enlarge.

cedar waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

cedar waxwing
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Maple leaves

The maple trees in the woods around our house are so bright and pretty right now, especially against a deep blue sky. Click on any of the photos to view a larger version.

bright maple leaves

maple tree   tall maple tree   maples
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