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All my flower beds are mixed plantings, cottage garden style, and I enjoy mixing annuals and perennials together. Some years the results are better than others. :) One of my favorites this year was when the dark purple Japanese Irises, pink roses, and yellow daylilies all bloomed together along the fence. My yellow irises and bluebells bloomed together and were exceptionally pretty as well. I also really liked the dark purple fountain grass with the hot pink sunpatiens. Here are more plant combinations, colors and textures, that were pleasing to me this year. Click on any photo to enlarge.

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Alstroemeria, also known as Princess Lily or Peruvian Lily, is new to my garden this year. These plants are not really lilies at all, but are tuberous perennials. I bought one of these as a thick root in a tiny 3 inch pot in early May and have had it in a container on my patio. I had it in full sun and it very quickly filled the pot with foliage but very few blooms. I moved it to an area with only morning sun and it looked much healthier and has bloomed repeatedly since.


These dwarf hybrids reach about fifteen inches tall in a pot, and are hardy only in Zones 8-10. I’ve read that the rhizomes can be lifted and stored over the winter though, and I’ll probably do that with mine. The flowers are gorgeous.

Alstroemeria Sara
Alstroemeria Princess ‘Sara’

Princess Lily in a container

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I started my dahlia tubers outside earlier this year than I ever have (in March!), and they’re all blooming and look so pretty right now in a small bed right off the concrete patio. These are mostly mixed-color Unwin Dwarf Dahlias, along with a photo of the Collarettes. Which one is your favorite? I think I like the red ones the best, and the Collarettes are always favorites.

yellow unwins dwarf
A nice yellow near the fountain

red dahlia
Pretty red semi-double

Collarette dahlias
Collarettes at the end of the bed

pink dahlia
Pink double

white dahlia
Nice single white

peachy color
Peachy-pink colored

yellow and orange dahlia
Yellow and orange dahlia

purple double dahlia
Purple double

semi-double peach dahlia
Semi-double peach dahlia

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