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ten random factsJan at Always Growing has tagged me to write ten weird, random facts about myself. Here are the rules – “Once tagged, you are to write a post listing ten weird, random facts or habits about yourself. Then you find 5 people to tag. Not only do you list them at the end of the post, you have to tell why you chose them. Next, you must leave a “You’ve been tagged” comment on their blog. They’ll come back to read the details. Once these good people have posted their list, they must remember to let you know.”

I don’t know how “weird” these are, but here are ten random facts about me:

1. Like Jan, I love symmetry. I almost always buy things in two’s, and can’t stand it when anything looks “uneven”. Asymmetry makes me feel tense. I can also see instantly whether or not something is “even”, and can tell at a glance if it’s off even by an eighth of an inch or less.

2. I’m a total night person and an insomniac. I rarely sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time.

3. I’m a geek (ok, maybe just a “wanna-be-geek”), love coding and the ‘technical’ side of the web as well as design. I used to design online web tools for a computer programmer, and have created well over a hundred webpages. I also have my own webdesign service. I went to school for something else entirely, but I wish I had gone for something in the computer science field.

4. I’m an “American Idol” addict and have been ever since the first episode I watched– way back in Season 2, when Reuben and Clay were the final two. I never miss an episode.

5. I’ve loved flowers, growing and photographing them, since I was twelve years old. When I plant a flower now, I’m usually thinking about how it will look in a photograph.

6. I have almost ten thousand digital photos, spread out over 4 drives on my computer. Yes, ten thousand. Obviously, I have a hard time deleting anything. I also have a thing about taking sky photos. I have a ton of clouds-in-the-sky, moon, and sunset photos. I can’t look up without taking a photo.. lol

7. I love all kinds of music but especially classic rock and alternative rock, and love to listen with the volume turned way UP, even in the car.

8. I would rather shop online than in the stores. UPS makes almost-daily deliveries here.

9. I love crosswords and other word games and waste way too much time on them.

10. I’m a very private and quiet person and find it extremely difficult to open up to people, in real life and on the internet… even in this blog.

I’m tagging Maggie at Maggie’s Farm, and I was going to tag Mary at Mary’s View, but I think she has already participated in this. :) If you’re reading this, and want to participate, consider yourself “tagged”.

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