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Bonnie loves this warm spring weather and is spending a lot more time outdoors during the day. I came around the corner of the house and found her napping on the patio today. :)

Bonnie sleeping

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.
– Hippolyte Taine

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We have finally had a couple of warm and sunny days here this week. It’s been so nice to get outside in the sunshine, after days of cold and snow. Click on any photo to view larger.

female cardinal at feeder
Female Cardinal at bird feeder

goldfinch at the feeder
Goldfinch at the feeder

Bonnie in the sunshine
Bonnie enjoying the sunshine. She didn’t want to go outside too often during the cold and spent her days in one of her many beds inside the house. :)

female cardinal   goldfinch   
Female Cardinal, Goldfinch, Goldfinch from behind.
Click to enlarge the last photo and notice how pretty the feather
patterns are on the back of the goldfinch.

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Bonnie loves to pose for the camera. Here she is in front of one of my flower beds.

Click to enlarge

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squirrel climbing up postThere are so many squirrels around here that, even before I had the cats, it was almost impossible to have any type of decorative bird feeders — the squirrels always tore them down. After buying a very pretty thistle feeder last summer and coming out the next morning and finding it in several pieces on the ground, I finally decided just to put out squirrel feeders. This little cutie (left) climbed on a fence and gate at the edge of the yard earlier today, eating corn out of an old wooden feeder, posing for the camera. They are also enjoying all the acorns and the dogwood berries left on the trees right now. Cute but maddening, aren’t they?

squirrel on top of wooden feeder

squirrel on feeder

squirrel on feeder

squirrel in dogwood tree   almost hidden in the dogwood tree   with an acorn
Click any photo to view larger

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