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The crocuses in my garden were so pretty this year, so cheerful after the long dreary winter. This little clump in my front border was especially colorful in the sunshine last week. They are almost done with their blooming, and the flooding rains we’re getting now will surely finish them off, but they were pretty while they lasted.

crocus flowers
Purple, yellow and striped Crocus flowers

Pretty crocus flowers in front border

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garden sunshine ornament during the snowstormWe have finally had a break over the past few days from the cold snowy weather, with temps well above freezing and some actual sunshine! It’s so nice to see the ground appearing again, it’s been snow-covered almost since Christmas day here and I am surely tired of it. I have had a bad case of cabin fever and I can’t imagine what it would must be like to have snow constantly for months at a time! I did finally get to venture outdoors for some photos over the past few days, the one at the left was taken during the storm. Click any photo to view larger versions.

snow on white pine
Clumps of snow on white pine against a blue sky

Great Smokies after the snow
Great Smoky Mountains

distant mountain peaks
Zooming in on distant peaks

evening sun on mtns
Late evening sunshine

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Bonnie loves this warm spring weather and is spending a lot more time outdoors during the day. I came around the corner of the house and found her napping on the patio today. :)

Bonnie sleeping

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.
– Hippolyte Taine

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Bonnie Posing

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A flock of goldfinches quickly emptied out a bird feeder filled with sunflower seeds this morning. These birds, especially the males, are starting to change color now, getting brighter yellow as they begin their spring molt. Click photos to view larger.

goldfinches at the feeder
American Goldfinches

goldfinches at the feeder
Emptying the feeder

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