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tufted titmice at feederDuring the drab gray days of winter I hadn’t had very many opportunities to use my new camera, so I decided to fill the feeders and try and capture some of the many birds here lately. We placed these feeders high on the poles, out of the reach of the cats. It didn’t take long for the birds to begin visiting on and around these feeders. Click on any of the photos to view larger.

American Robin
The robins have been here for a couple of weeks now. I’m always happy to see these cheerful signs of spring.

I love to see these bright little goldfinches. Their yellow color will be much more intense in summer.

Bright red cardinal on fence near feeder.

tufted titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

male and female cardinal   tufted titmouse at birdbath   junco
Two cardinals, titmouse, junco

pine siskin   cardinal in hedge bush   junco
pine siskin(?), cardinal, junco

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squirrel climbing up postThere are so many squirrels around here that, even before I had the cats, it was almost impossible to have any type of decorative bird feeders — the squirrels always tore them down. After buying a very pretty thistle feeder last summer and coming out the next morning and finding it in several pieces on the ground, I finally decided just to put out squirrel feeders. This little cutie (left) climbed on a fence and gate at the edge of the yard earlier today, eating corn out of an old wooden feeder, posing for the camera. They are also enjoying all the acorns and the dogwood berries left on the trees right now. Cute but maddening, aren’t they?

squirrel on top of wooden feeder

squirrel on feeder

squirrel on feeder

squirrel in dogwood tree   almost hidden in the dogwood tree   with an acorn
Click any photo to view larger

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We had flooding rain last week, and received over 5 inches in a two-day period, in addition to the many rainy, drizzling days we have had here since Christmas. This caused the streams to come flooding out of the mountains, and the creek in the secret garden to overflow. This same thing happened last year, although it was a little later in the spring. We’ve been in extreme drought conditions here for most of the past two years so I’m glad to get this rain — I just kinda wish it wouldn’t all come at once. :)

Click on any of these photos to view larger versions. I’ve been experimenting a little in these photos with the many options on my new camera, including using the “nature vivid” and “nature soft” settings.

creek in the secret garden
Creek running through the secret garden

waterfall in the secret garden   rocks and water   moss and plants at edge of creek

reflections in rain puddle   creek and waterfall   rushing water
Click on any photo to view larger

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I know this is a woodpecker, I’m not sure what kind. Although it doesn’t show in the photo, the top of his head is a bright red. I saw him (?) in the dogwood tree at the edge of the yard.

Click to enlarge.

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