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spring bulb bed and creekside planting nowThese are (probably) some of the last photos I’ll be posting of my garden this year. I have already dumped a lot of pots and cleaned out some areas of the garden (I hate to pull out still-blooming plants though, so I usually just leave them all until the frost knocks them down). Most of the flower beds still look good — even though poplar leaves are falling by the thousands all over everything right now. As always, click on any of the photos to view larger versions.

Euonymus spp. Hearts A'Burstin
“Hearts-a-burstin” (Euonymus spp.) are native and plentiful in the woods here. This one in the Secret Garden is a small tree about 8 feet tall and is filled with fruit right now.

foliage plants
Foliage plants in the secret garden, including Coleus, ‘Iron Cross’ Oxalis, Dichondra “Silver Falls”, hosta and Japanese Forest Grass.

Profusion Zinnias
Profusion Zinnias just keep blooming and blooming in the creekside bed. These were started in summer from seeds I saved last fall.

morning glory heavenly blue
Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’
I’ll probably be pulling seedlings of these for the next ten years. They sure covered an arch and the fence nicely though, and are filled with flowers.

Purple Fountain Grass
Plumes of Purple Fountain Grass

purple shamrocks oxalis
Purple Shamrocks Oxalis have been blooming since spring. The bulbs I planted last year have spread this year and this is fast becoming one of my favorite plants. I’ve stuck it here and there throughout my garden.

pentas angelonia and pentas in lamp post flower bed proven winners calibrachoa still looking good
blue hydrangea putting out a few more blooms creekside bed with alternanthera, lantana, elephant ears and more bee on pink strawflower
yellow lantana in slope bed above gazebo dragon wing begonias African Daisies
dahlias in creek bedverbena and wandering jew containersdahlias and alternanthera on back deck
black eyed susan vine hydrangea pinky winky fall color coleus 'angeline
(Mouseover photos for descriptions, click to enlarge)

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There’s nothing common looking about this beautiful butterfly, the Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia). I see these butterflies quite often in my gardens in summer. Today, this one kept coming back to some tall yellow marigolds on the patio. Click on the photos to enlarge and see the gorgeous patterns of color and large eyespots on the wings.

common buckeye on a marigold
Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia)

buckeye and skipper on marigolds
Buckeye With orange Skipper butterfly

common buckeye eyespots on wings
The large eyespots on the wings likely scare away birds and other predators.

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Just random shots from around the garden. Click photos to view larger versions.

shasta daisies
Shasta Daisies in back porch bed

chinese forget me nots and rudbeckia
Chinese Forget-Me-Nots & Rudbeckia at bridge


stargazezers and bee balm
Stargazer Lilies and Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’

border dahlias
Border Dahlias

Volunteer Sunflower at edge of Secret Garden

bidens and ageratum rudbeckia and profusion zinnia bee balm and butterfly bush
Bidens and Ageratum, Rudbeckia and Zinnia ‘Profusion Knee-High Red’, Bee Balm in front of purple butterfly bush

mixed container planting coneflowers torenia
Mixed container (Sunpatiens, Alternanthera ‘Grenadine’, Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’), Coneflowers, Torenia ‘Purple Moon’

zinnias dahlia dahlia
Zinnia ‘Swizzle Cherry and Ivory’, Collarette Dahlias: ‘Goldalia Scarlet’ and ‘Mary Eveline’

strawflowers supertunia caladiums
Strawflowers, Supertunia® Vista Silverberry, Caladiums in a container in the secret garden

portulaca anise hyssop astrantia
Portulaca oleracea, Anise Hyssop, Astrantia

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show orchisWell, actually these are photos taken over the past two weeks. I have been so busy with the planting and yard work that I haven’t had time to post. I still have so many plants just waiting to be planted.. The photo at left is a Showy Orchis (Orchis spectabilis), a very pretty little wild orchid that grows here and there throughout the woods surrounding the yard. I did stop with my planting long enough to take a walk in the woods to get some photos of it. And, below are a few of the latest blooms in my gardens, these were taken over the past couple of weeks. As always, click any photo to view it larger.

Flame AzaleaFlame Azalea
It seems I post photos of these native shrubs every year when they’re in bloom. They are so pretty this year though, I just had to post them again. There are many of these that grow wild in the woods, this particular one is in our back yard and is about 15 feet tall and it is absolutely gorgeous this year!

Flame azalea bloomsCloser view of blooms of Flame Azalea

weigela shrub   weigela flowers
Weigela shrub blooming on slope behind house

Allium Purple Sensation
Allium Purple Sensation

Allium Purple Sensation  Allium Purple Sensation
Tall purple Allium in creekside flower bed

White Allium
Allium neapolitanum in spring bulb bed

yellow and red tulips   tulips
Late flowering Tulips above gazebo flower bed

annual phlox   Annual Phlox 'Twinkle Star Mix' (Phlox drummondii)
Annual Phlox ‘Twinkle Star Mix’ (Phlox drummondii), grown from seed.

red honeysuckle
Coral Honeysuckle-Lonicera sempervirens
This red honeysuckle blooms at the edge of the woods on the slope.

A Silver-Spotted Skipper on Bluebell flowers.

bicolor azalea
Large-flowered bicolor Azalea

A white Azalea in a shady spot in the front yard.

This is just a portion of the blooms in and around my yard right now. I love this time of year!

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