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Alstroemeria, also known as Princess Lily or Peruvian Lily, is new to my garden this year. These plants are not really lilies at all, but are tuberous perennials. I bought one of these as a thick root in a tiny 3 inch pot in early May and have had it in a container on my patio. I had it in full sun and it very quickly filled the pot with foliage but very few blooms. I moved it to an area with only morning sun and it looked much healthier and has bloomed repeatedly since.


These dwarf hybrids reach about fifteen inches tall in a pot, and are hardy only in Zones 8-10. I’ve read that the rhizomes can be lifted and stored over the winter though, and I’ll probably do that with mine. The flowers are gorgeous.

Alstroemeria Sara
Alstroemeria Princess ‘Sara’

Princess Lily in a container

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Here’s a bunch of garden photos I’ve meant to post over the past few weeks, click any photo to start. (There are links to “view full” size on individual photo pages, at bottom right of each photo under “Comment” and “Reblog”.)

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I have five bowl planters filled with succulents, including hens and chicks and lemon ball sedum. I like to use portulaca with these succulents, and they reseed into the pots and flower every year. Some of these succulents have been in these containers for years — I need to divide them!

Portulaca in bloom

Mixed succulents – Lemon Ball sedum and sempervivum

hens and chicks
Sempervivum Black with Sedum Blue Spruce and Lemon Ball

Hens and Chicks
Hens and Chicks with portulaca

portulaca moss rose succulents bowl planter portulaca blooms
Succulents with portulaca blooming in containers

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