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The tulips are mostly all in bloom right now. They’re so pretty this year! (I’m always surprised that so many of them survive what with the digging devil squirrels here. The chicken wire helps!) There are still a few later blooming varieties to come as well. I’m hoping they will get to bloom– with our 85 degree temps and sticky humidity this past week, it feels more like summer than spring. I have been busy doing yard work, moving and planting and continuing to work on the new flower bed area near the gazebo. I have a huge number of plants inside the house that I need to get out soon. I’m hoping to get around to doing that this coming week. We had wicked storms here this week, tornado watches and high winds. An all night power outage on Monday night and a few limbs down is all the damage done here though.

Here are a few photos taken this past week of some of the many tulips I have blooming now. Click on any to view larger.

red and yellow tulip
Pretty red and yellow tulip in Spring Bed

tulips and muscari
Tulips and Muscari at edge of woods

Darwin pink
Darwin Hybrid ‘Pink Impression’ – my favorites

mixed tulips
Mixed color Tulips in spring bed

dwarf species tulips closeup species tulips species tulips
Tulipa hageri ‘Little Beauty’

Double Flowering Tulip 'Eternal Flame' double flowering tulips with variegated foliage Double Flowering Tulip 'Eternal Flame'
Double Flowering Tulip ‘Eternal Flame’

Tulip "Golden Parade" Pink Impression mixed Darwins
‘Golden Parade’, ‘Pink Impression’, mixed Darwin Hybrids

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Here are a few more blooms from around my yard this past week. I just can’t keep up with everything this year!

This pink Endless Summer Hydrangea is so pretty this year. I’m sure it’s on the way to becoming blue here in our acid soil, but it sure is pretty halfway there. The camera doesn’t completely capture the purple tone of the blooms.

hydrangea bloom
Endless Summer Pink Hydrangea

hydrangea smaller hydrangea shrub Endless Summer hydrangea
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* * *

pink and yellow dahlias orange and yellow dahlias pink dahlia
Dahlias are thriving in the heat.

Japanese Forest Grass and Portulaca
Japanese Forest Grass and Portulaca

Elephant Ears
The Elephant Ears are growing well in the new Stump Bed.

anemones, coleus, purple shamrocks
Anemones with chartreuse Coleus and Purple Shamrocks
in the background, new stump bed

native rhododendrons
Native Rhododendrons are in bloom.

pink verbena mixed caladiums angelonia and pentas
Pink Verbena, Mixed Caladiums, Purple Angelonia and Red Pentas in Lamp post flower bed

mixed containers Coleus, Geraniums, Wave petunias calibrachoa
Mixed containers on the patio.

impatiens in the secret garden blue allium and bugs tomatos ripening
Impatiens in a growing bag on a tree in the secret garden, Blue Allium and bugs, tomatos ripening!

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geraniumsMy flower beds are all at their peak right now, and even though it is a lot of work to keep everything watered and pruned, it’s worth it when I get to enjoy all these beautiful flowers. My yard is always a work in progress, and I am always adding flowers to, moving flowers from, changing around and mostly enlarging all these beds. Although I used to try and always have complementary color and texture combinations, with all the changes and additions I make every season, all my flower beds seem to inevitably become mixed borders of wild rainbow colors and textures, annuals and perennials, roses, groundcovers and flowering shrubs. I think I like them best this way. As always, click on any of the photos to view larger versions.

mixed annuals and perennials
Above is one end of a long, curving border I have at the edge of the front yard, along the fence line. In this area, I have coneflowers, red penta flowers, purple and red verbena, and burgundy vinca along with bishop’s weed.

impatiens and begonias
A huge section of mixed-color impatiens and begonias in the same border. My large snowball viburnum shrub provides shade for the impatiens.

curved border
Curved border with birdbath and mixed annuals and perennials

rock wall flower bed
Verbena, lantana, gallardia, lilies, dianthus and more in a long, narrow rock wall flower bed at the base of a slope in the back yard. Evergreen dianthus cascades over the front of the wall.

lamp post bed
A tiny flower bed surrounding a lamp post in the front yard. Right now, I have hot pink petunias, coreopsis, dianthus, white coneflowers and a hanging pot of verbena here.

flower bed in back yard   shasta daisies, coneflowers and black eyed susans   mixed flowers
This is a small triangular shaped flower bed surrounding another lamp post in the back yard near the deck. In this one, I have zinnias, mixed coneflowers, black-eyed susans, shasta daisies, and bubblegum pink supertunias.

mixed curved border
Coneflowers, bishop’s weed, impatiens and geraniums in the curved border, yellow lantana in the background.

Coneflowers and a pink rose bush along the fence

vinca, geraniums and bishop's weed   coneflowers   impatiens and begonias
More views of the fence border, including begonias, coneflowers, bishop’s weed, vinca and more. I love coneflowers and have them everywhere. We are in the process of lengthening this border right now and I have even more coneflowers, black-eyed susans, torenia, burgundy yarrow, salvia and vinca ready to plant.

gazebo flower beds
The small flower beds around the new gazebo have filled in nicely. These beds include nasturtiums, impatiens, mixed colors of torenia, salvias, polka-dot plants, begonias, alyssum and asparagus ferns. The hanging ferns are huge!

secret gardenFor the times when I want to escape the color and the full sun of the yard, I have the secret garden. Here, I have a very few small white and light pink impatiens and begonias but it’s mostly shades of green, with hostas, ferns, liriope, dwarf evergreens and native trees, and a fountain in deep shade.

shady secret garden   secret garden   fountain and plants
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