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All my flower beds are mixed plantings, cottage garden style, and I enjoy mixing annuals and perennials together. Some years the results are better than others. :) One of my favorites this year was when the dark purple Japanese Irises, pink roses, and yellow daylilies all bloomed together along the fence. My yellow irises and bluebells bloomed together and were exceptionally pretty as well. I also really liked the dark purple fountain grass with the hot pink sunpatiens. Here are more plant combinations, colors and textures, that were pleasing to me this year. Click on any photo to enlarge.

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maple leafAfter heavy rains and storms for the past two days, I caught a rainbow over the mountains just before it disappeared this afternoon. The fall leaves are pretty this year, but after a hot and extremely dry summer, they are nowhere near as bright and colorful as in past years. After the heavy winds of the last few days, a lot of the leaves are now on the ground. Click on any of the photos to view larger.

rainbow over fall color
Fall Rainbow

colorful leaves
Colorful leaves on the ground after a windy day.

view behind house
Sourwood, dogwood and birch trees behind the house.

dogwood leaves trail through the woods fall color from front yard
Dogwood, trail in the woods, view from front yard.

dogwood leaves in the rain
Dogwood leaves during a downpour.

pawpaw, spicebush and maple leaves from front yard more dogwood leaves
Pawpaw, spicebush and maple; front yard view, more dogwood leaves.

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Here are a few snapshots I took on a walk in the woods yesterday. Although the woods are still green, there are spots of fall color here and there and lots of wildflowers still blooming. Click any photo to view larger.

native ferns
Native ferns near an oak tree

A mushroom at the edge of the woods

wild asters
White Wood Asters (Aster divaricatus)

pileated woodpecker
A pileated woodpecker high up in a poplar tree

bright red mushroom huge moss covered rock white snakeroot
Bright red mushroom, moss-covered rock, White Snakeroot (Eupatorium rugosum)

wildflowers strawberry bush, hearts a'burstin' tree strawberry bush seeds
Yellow wildflowers, Hearts A’Burstin’ tree and seedpods

wild blue spiderwort dogwood leaves burning bush
Wild blue spiderwort, dogwood leaves, burning bush at edge of woods

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Although the grasses and smaller trees along the roadsides are starting to show a little fall color, the mountains are still mostly green. This is a late evening view of the railroad trestle over the lake in the distance, with the hazy Great Smoky Mountains in the background. Click photos (taken October 1st) to view desktop size.

Foreground grasses

great smokies and railroad trestle over lake
Background in focus, hazy Great Smokies with lake and railroad trestle

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