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After a cool, wet spring, the gardens have filled in and are growing rapidly. I got a very late start this year, planting my annuals out a full month later than usual, due to the incessant rain and flooding in our area. We are more than 20 inches above normal rainfall for the year! We also had a very rainy and warm winter here, apparently equal to a Zone 10 or 11 — I had a fuchsia in a hanging basket that came back from the roots this spring (after hanging outside all winter), all my “annual” begonias sprouted back from the roots in the patio bed, and an Angel’s Trumpet Datura in a container on the back deck overwintered and sprouted back and is now huge again. Anyway, the weather seems to be getting back to “normal” here (hot and humid) and here are some photos taken over the past month or so, in between rain showers, click to enlarge. (Much more to come, soon!)

Zinnias, Heuchera, Shamrocks
Zinnias, ‘Caramel’ Heuchera, purple Shamrocks (Oxalis)

annuals in creek border near patio
Annuals including Sunpatiens, Zinnias, Vinca around patio near creekside borders

annual phlox, zinnias, dianthus
Annual Phlox ‘Intensia’, Dianthus, Zinnias, Heuchera and more

mexican feather grass and zinnias with colored glass path
Heuchera, Vinca, Zinnias, colored glass pebbles and blue bottles stepping stones at patio

flower border below patio
Border below patio

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I finally put down the watering hose long enough to pick up the camera and take a few photos of the garden this week. I have had to water so much lately that I feel like I am permanently attached to the hose! We have soaker and drip hoses in some of the beds, but when I have plants that are so dry they’re wilted, I prefer to turn the hose on them. (Plus, hand watering gives me a chance to really see everything.) We are SO dry and in desperate need of rain! It hasn’t rained here in about three weeks, and we are HOT, very hot. The temperature was 96 today and we are supposed to go over one hundred degrees for the next few days, with no rain in sight. I’m watering just to keep things alive now. How’s your weather? Is it hot and dry where you are too? Anyone else feeling permanently attached to their watering hoses? :) Here are lots of photos I took this week, sorry for the poor quality of some, they were taken in late evening, click to enlarge.

side patio
Petunia ‘Supertunia Vista Bubblegum’ in hanging baskets, Purple Angelonia and Petunia ‘Prism Sunshine’ in container, grown from seed

long creekside border
Dwarf Pink Bee Balm (‘Grand Parade’), pink Double Delight Coneflowers, purple-leaved Red Shiso (Perilla Frutescens), and pink Polka Dot plants in the long border near the creek.

small rock wall bed
‘Black Dragon’ Coleus, various types of salvia, marigolds in rock wall flower bed

pink balloon flowers
Pink Balloon Flowers, with ‘Laura Bush’ petunias and variegated Caryopteris divaricata ‘Snow Fairy’ shrub in the background. By the way, all my caryopteris shrubs are already in bloom. Everything is about a month ahead this year!



daylily bloom
An exceptionally pretty daylily :)

Monarda "Grand Parade"
Monarda ‘Grand Parade’

gazebo flower bed
White Swan Coneflowers and Agastache ‘Heat Wave’

mixed flowers at gazebo
Zinnias and ‘Black Pearl’ peppers (at far left) with Echinacea Powwow White and PowWow Wild Berry coneflowers, ‘White Swan’ coneflowers in bed above gazebo

Magellan™ Cherry Zinnias grown from seed

creekside border
Long creekside border near patio

creekside border
Closer View

container flowers
Container flowers with petunias, spike, verbena, bacopa, red geraniums, and dahlias in the background

dragonwing begonias and persian shield
Dragonwing Begonias and Persian Shield in pots on the rock patio

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The USDA recently updated the Plant Hardiness Zone Map for the first time since 1990, and although it didn’t change in our area (still Zone 7a), gardeners across the country may find themselves in a new hardiness zone. Click the image to go see if your zone has changed:

new plant hardiness zone map
New Zone Map

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garden sunshine ornament during the snowstormWe have finally had a break over the past few days from the cold snowy weather, with temps well above freezing and some actual sunshine! It’s so nice to see the ground appearing again, it’s been snow-covered almost since Christmas day here and I am surely tired of it. I have had a bad case of cabin fever and I can’t imagine what it would must be like to have snow constantly for months at a time! I did finally get to venture outdoors for some photos over the past few days, the one at the left was taken during the storm. Click any photo to view larger versions.

snow on white pine
Clumps of snow on white pine against a blue sky

Great Smokies after the snow
Great Smoky Mountains

distant mountain peaks
Zooming in on distant peaks

evening sun on mtns
Late evening sunshine

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