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Here are a few snapshots I took on a walk in the woods yesterday. Although the woods are still green, there are spots of fall color here and there and lots of wildflowers still blooming. Click any photo to view larger.

native ferns
Native ferns near an oak tree

A mushroom at the edge of the woods

wild asters
White Wood Asters (Aster divaricatus)

pileated woodpecker
A pileated woodpecker high up in a poplar tree

bright red mushroom huge moss covered rock white snakeroot
Bright red mushroom, moss-covered rock, White Snakeroot (Eupatorium rugosum)

wildflowers strawberry bush, hearts a'burstin' tree strawberry bush seeds
Yellow wildflowers, Hearts A’Burstin’ tree and seedpods

wild blue spiderwort dogwood leaves burning bush
Wild blue spiderwort, dogwood leaves, burning bush at edge of woods

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