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We went out to the houseboat during the Labor Day holiday weekend, and after no rain for months, of course it rained! I’m not complaining though, we desperately needed it. It started coming down early Sunday evening and rained steadily for almost 40 hours. After that, it tapered off to showers and drizzle and a cloudy and cooler day today. Tropical Storm Lee brought around 8 inches of rain to our area. We had a few torrential downpours, but for the most part, it was just nice steady rain. We were so dry that it didn’t cause a lot of flooding here, the ground just soaked it up. We did have a power outage that lasted four hours yesterday due to a tree falling on the line, but that was it. My garden sure likes all the rain, and everything is so green and lush looking now that I’m not even going to complain about all the plants that flopped due to the storm.

The heavy rain didn’t stop a hundred boats and jet skis from zooming back and forth in front of the houseboat a million times, creating huge waves and so much motion I could barely stand even after we came home. Water skiers, tubers and joyriders, the lake is more than ten thousand acres and the houseboats are only allowed on a small part of that, why can’t you all go out to the open water to go in circles all day? :-) But I digress…anyway, even with the rain, it was still a nice holiday weekend, and a welcome change for our drought-stricken area.

rain on the lake

rainy day on the lake

rainy day at the lake

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These photos were taken late Sunday evening in what I think is the most beautiful spot on the lake. The entire area glows bright orange and red as the sun goes down, the water sparkles and glows and the mountains become silhouettes. Also, it was in this area where we saw something strange falling from the sky…

late evening sun on the lake
Late evening sun sparkling on the water

sun getting lower
Sun getting lower, lake starting to glow

sun sinking
Sun sinking behind the mountains

right after sun sets glowing sky looking back on the lake
Right after the sun set, wide-angle view, looking in the other direction after sun set

* * *

Falling From The Sky

Just after the sun set, we were in the boat enjoying the quiet and the glowing water when we saw what we thought was a large bird in the sky. We were quite a distance away from it, and as we watched, it looked as if it were flying down towards the water.

a bird?
In this photo, you can see it just above the mountains on the right side.
(click photos to enlarge)

a parachute?
As it kept falling straight down, we realized it wasn’t a bird
and thought it might be a parachute.. lol (it was a long way off!)

a closer look
At full zoom, I finally got a closer shot and we realized
what it was just as it fell into the water.

* – * – *

balloons on the water
Blue and White Balloons
We have no idea where these balloons came from, but they did make us all smile and were a nice ending to a nice day. We tied them to the top of the pontoon boat and went back to the houseboat for the night. :)

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This mother duck brought her three babies to the houseboat this weekend, looking for food. We fed them bread and they stayed close by for most of the evening. Click to enlarge photos.

mother duck and 3 babies

duck and babies

baby ducks up close
Cute, aren’t they?

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a serene spot on the lakeWe spent another couple of days out on the lake this week. It was extremely hot and sunny, and surprisingly, not very crowded. Not where we were anyway. We spent most of the time out in the boat, riding around looking at scenery, swimming, watching the sunset and tubing. Here are some snapshots I took on Saturday and Sunday, with a couple more posts to follow. It’s gorgeous out there this time of year, click any photo to view a larger version and check out these lake views surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains. I think this particular area is one of the prettiest of all on this ten thousand acre lake.

sun, Smoky Mountains and water
Sun sparkles on lake and Great Smoky Mountains

willow trees in the edge of the water
A quiet spot on the lake, willows in the edge of the water

gorgeous mountains and blue water
Gorgeous mountain views and blue water

blue sky over mountains and water houseboats and calm water green trees and reflections

mountain reflections houseboats and sky reflections more reflections
Mountains, water and reflections

* * *


tubing on the lake sun sparkles tubing and mtn views
Tubing, sunshine and fun

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