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Although the grasses and smaller trees along the roadsides are starting to show a little fall color, the mountains are still mostly green. This is a late evening view of the railroad trestle over the lake in the distance, with the hazy Great Smoky Mountains in the background. Click photos (taken October 1st) to view desktop size.

Foreground grasses

great smokies and railroad trestle over lake
Background in focus, hazy Great Smokies with lake and railroad trestle

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a serene spot on the lakeWe spent another couple of days out on the lake this week. It was extremely hot and sunny, and surprisingly, not very crowded. Not where we were anyway. We spent most of the time out in the boat, riding around looking at scenery, swimming, watching the sunset and tubing. Here are some snapshots I took on Saturday and Sunday, with a couple more posts to follow. It’s gorgeous out there this time of year, click any photo to view a larger version and check out these lake views surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains. I think this particular area is one of the prettiest of all on this ten thousand acre lake.

sun, Smoky Mountains and water
Sun sparkles on lake and Great Smoky Mountains

willow trees in the edge of the water
A quiet spot on the lake, willows in the edge of the water

gorgeous mountains and blue water
Gorgeous mountain views and blue water

blue sky over mountains and water houseboats and calm water green trees and reflections

mountain reflections houseboats and sky reflections more reflections
Mountains, water and reflections

* * *


tubing on the lake sun sparkles tubing and mtn views
Tubing, sunshine and fun

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My husband and I spent a little time on our houseboat out on the lake this week. We live on this lake and it takes about ten minutes to get out there but we haven’t spent as much time there this summer as we should. Weekdays are much less crowded than the weekends this time of year, but it’s still far less serene than it used to be when I was growing up here. Here are a few snapshots I took, click photos to view larger.

mountains and lake
Lake and Great Smoky Mountains

reflections mountains and reflections still water and quiet
Reflections and a quiet evening.

a duck near the houseboat
A duck near the houseboat.
The ducks are well fed here and stay near the houseboats.

ducks see the purple wing? waiting to be fed
Lots of ducks.

lake and mountain views
The view from our houseboat.

main channel of lake
Around the corner where there aren’t a gazillon houseboats.

late evening sky
Late Evening

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Sky over Great SmokiesThese are the Great Smoky Mountains and Nantahala National Forest surrounding the lake that I live on. These photos were taken more than two weeks ago, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to post them. Everything is much greener and thicker in the woods now, and the lake is full after flooding rains several times over the past couple of weeks. Click any photo to view larger.

Princess Trees blooming in the mtns
Princess Trees (Paulownia tomentosa) blooming in the mountains. These trees are pretty when in bloom, they remind me of clusters of purple grapes. They are considered an extremely invasive species here though as they are rapid growers and colonize by root and spread by seed. They are also very weak trees and therefore dangerous. I would not recommend these trees even though they are sold as fast-growing shade trees and ornamentals.

sky and mountains lake is almost full lake
Mountains and Lake

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