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Purple and yellow miniature Iris and Crocus are about finished blooming, in bloom now: Forsythia, Daffodils, Lungwort, Quince, and Violas, with Creeping Phlox and Hyacinths just starting. I’m looking forward to my garden this year!

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forsythiaBeautiful weather here for the past few days with lots of sunshine and very warm temps, lots of stuff blooming in the garden now. The first tulip opened up yesterday, early I think. Lots more tulips to come (what the deer haven’t eaten!). My bridal wreath spireas are almost at peak bloom, Jack Frost brunneras are blooming (also early), lungwort, lots of daffodils… Here are a few snapshots of some of the recent blooms. Click photos to enlarge.

muscari azureum
Muscari Azureum
These are truly blue, and so pretty.

purple and pink hyacinths
Hyacinths are just finishing their bloom.

pink hyacinths
Pink Hyacinths

Purple Anemones

Pink Anemones

Bridal Wreath Spirea

Jack Frost Brunnera


Spring officially begins in 4 days!

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The warm spring weather continutes, and a few more flowers have started blooming during this past week in the garden. The yellow forsythia shrubs are also coming into bloom. The deer are serious pests this year and have eaten the buds on my hydrangeas and almost all the leaves off several evergreen shrubs. What they haven’t eaten, they have trampled down. Here are a few flowers they’ve missed:

creeping phlox
It’s way too early for the Creeping Phlox, but it’s blooming anyway.

flowering quince
The Flowering Quince has a few flowers. It always blooms sparsely, don’t think it likes our mild winters and it probably doesn’t get enough sun.

grecian windflower
Grecian Windflowers (Anemone blanda) are blooming.

The small daffodils are now starting to bloom in the edge of the woods. The larger flowered early daffs have been in bloom for a couple weeks now.

miniature iris
The little irises are at peak bloom right now and look so pretty in the secret garden. I think I need more of these.

Only three weeks til spring!

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Question Mark butterflyWe have had a great week here with lots of sunshine and temps in the 70s. We even reached 80 degrees yesterday and today! The trees are all sprouting now, bulbs and perennials are popping up everywhere and the butterflies are back! I have seen several small purple Spring Azures for the past two weeks and today I saw an orange Question Mark butterfly in the front yard (photo at left). I never could get a good photo of it as it was never still for longer than a couple of seconds. I was glad to see it though. I have spent most days this week working in the garden, cleaning and raking out flower beds, making a new path in the secret garden, putting down fresh mulch, and weeding (yes, the weeds are rampant already!). Here are a few photos taken around the yard over the past week, lots of new flowers blooming every day now.

Bright yellow Daffodil against a blue sky

A Robin hopping around in fresh mulch

hyacinths blooming
Hyacinths in bloom

Anemone flower

More Daffodils blooming at edge of woods

forsythia forsythia cardinal through the flowers
The Forsythia shrubs are so pretty this year. While taking the above photos, I noticed a bright flash of red behind the shrubs. In the third photo, you can see a bright red male Cardinal peeking back at me.

A closer look at the Cardinal behind the Forsythia shrubs

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