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Purple and yellow miniature Iris and Crocus are about finished blooming, in bloom now: Forsythia, Daffodils, Lungwort, Quince, and Violas, with Creeping Phlox and Hyacinths just starting. I’m looking forward to my garden this year!

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A few of the prettiest daffodils in my garden this week:

white daffodil

yellow daffodils

miniature daffodils

white daffodils in spring bed

yellow and orange daffodil

Happy Spring!

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The warm spring weather continutes, and a few more flowers have started blooming during this past week in the garden. The yellow forsythia shrubs are also coming into bloom. The deer are serious pests this year and have eaten the buds on my hydrangeas and almost all the leaves off several evergreen shrubs. What they haven’t eaten, they have trampled down. Here are a few flowers they’ve missed:

creeping phlox
It’s way too early for the Creeping Phlox, but it’s blooming anyway.

flowering quince
The Flowering Quince has a few flowers. It always blooms sparsely, don’t think it likes our mild winters and it probably doesn’t get enough sun.

grecian windflower
Grecian Windflowers (Anemone blanda) are blooming.

The small daffodils are now starting to bloom in the edge of the woods. The larger flowered early daffs have been in bloom for a couple weeks now.

miniature iris
The little irises are at peak bloom right now and look so pretty in the secret garden. I think I need more of these.

Only three weeks til spring!

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I wandered around the garden for awhile today looking at (and fussing about) all the deer damage to my hydrangeas and the constant rain and wet soil this winter, and was cheered by the flowers blooming now— daffodils, crocus, miniature iris.

crocuses in bloom

miniature iris
Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’


It’s so nice to see the garden coming alive again!

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