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sourwood leaves and seedpodsAfter a few more days of rain, we finally had a warm and sunny day today, with a temperature of around 80 degrees. The warm sunshine brought the bees and sulphur butterflies to my still-blooming flowers. (We have so many of these sulphur butterflies here right now. I counted more than a dozen of them in the yard today!) The leaves in the woods are nearing peak color now, especially those around the edges of the yard that are in full sun, and the maple trees are exceptionally pretty. Click photos to enlarge.

maple tree
Maple Tree

poplar trees
Poplar Trees

maple leaves
Maple Leaves

looking up thru the trees
Looking Up

sulphur at torenia flower   bees at marigold flower   bumblebee at butterfly bush
Butterfly and bees

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This is a local lake on a cloudy and misty day here in the Great Smokies. These photos were taken from a nearby scenic overlook. Click photos to enlarge.

lake and fall color
Colorful leaves and lake

mountain lake and dam   fall color   twilight color
Mountain lake and dam, Fall color, twilight color

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Colorful sunset

sunset clouds through the treesAfter a week of mostly cold and rainy weather followed by two days of high winds, we have had temps in the low 70s and bright sunshine for the past couple of days. The sunset was so gorgeous this evening, I had to run outside with my camera. The glowing light lasted only a moments but I did get a few shots of the sky. Click on any photo to enlarge.

sunset colors

bright sunset clouds

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Oak leaves

small oak treeEven though the woods are mostly gray and drab right now, the oaks stand out with their bright burgundy leaves. These trees hang on to their leaves, long after the other trees are all bare, even into the winter months. We have had a lot of rain and even thunderstorms here lately but very warm temperatures and on a bright sunny day this week, I noticed these two cheerful little oak trees in the woods behind the house. I love the color of these leaves, especially with a bright blue sky behind them. The color is almost “Christmasy”, don’t you think? Click to enlarge the photos.

oak leaves
Oak leaves

oak leaves   burgundy oak leaf   oaks
Click any photo to view a larger version.

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