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I (finally) decided to add some photos of my garden this year. :) The first is a photo of the creek bed. (Click any photo to enlarge) This is a large flower bed at about 64 feet long and averaging 12 feet wide, filled with a mix of shrubs, annuals, and perennials and a patio near one end (photo taken at a distance to get a wider shot):

creek bed
Creek Bed

Stump Bed

I always grow a lot of mixed coleus in this flower bed, along with hostas, coneflowers and more. We moved the purple obelisk to the top of the giant stump in this bed this year also, and I’m growing Gloriosa Lilies on it:

stump bed with coleusStump Bed

obelisk and gloriosa liliesGloriosa Lilies

stump bed with coleus, salvia, mixedColeus, salvia, mixed

Trail Bed

trail flower bedTrail Bed – with hostas, Japanese Forest Grass, fountain grass, iris, melampodium, salvia, dusty miller

melampodium 'Showstar' fountain grass and melampodium
trail bed pathway
Pathway and flower beds

Gazebo / Yard

gazebo and bedsWider view of gazebo and beds

gazebo and slope bed wider view of gazebo beds

Lamp Post and Front Bed

The Red Abyssinian Banana, Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’, survived being stored all winter and we brought it out in April, potted the crown in fresh soil and it quickly started growing. (We cut the tree down after the first frost last year, stuck it in a bucket and it was stored in a basement all winter with no attention whatsoever!) It’s more than 7′ tall now and thriving in the front flower bed. This long narrow bed also has a mix of perennials and annuals, and is in the front yard along with the lamp post bed. The lamp post bed has Cheyenne Spirit Coneflowers, Celosia ‘Fresh Look’, and an awesome annual I grew from seed, ‘Park’s Whopper’ Salvia. I grew two flats of this plant and will probably have even more next year, I like it that much. It’s fiery red, much taller than other annual salvias, and is sturdy enough to not have to be staked. I have it all over my beds this year.

Red Abyssinian BananaRed Banana Tree

salvia in lamp post bed helenium, angelonia, pentas
coneflowers and salvia lamp post and front steps area

Creek Bed

back of creek bed, mixedBack side of creek bed, with cleome, salvia, sunpatiens, heuchera, oxalis, melampodium.

creek bed mixed mixed planting
Color Guard Yucca, salvia, coneflowers sunpatiens and heuchera
salvia, zinnias, mixed hydrangeas


veronicaVeronica in a container, fountain grass, petunias

container zinnias, etcZahara Zinnias, Melampodium ‘Showstar’, Creeping Jenny, mixed containers

container annualsHeliotrope and Dusty Miller

containers with coleus, torenia, heliotrope torenia in a hanging pot

mixed pots on side patio bubblegum supertunias


creek bed mixCleome, perennial ageratum, japanese iris foliage, Pennisetum ‘First Knight’, celosia, salvia

patio and flower bedsPatio with mixed plantings (a work in progress), begonias, dusty miller, ornamental grasses, ‘Bobo’ hydrangea

caladium, shamrocks, heuchera, mixed sunpatiens, dusty miller
zinnias and veronica in creek bed mixed in creek bed

Whew, that was a lot of photos. :) Happy Gardening!

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These photos were taken over the past two or three weeks. Click on first photo to view gallery style, or to view full size, right click on each photo and open link in new tab.

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A few clematis blooms from my garden, photos taken over the past couple of weeks.

Clematis ‘Kilian Donahue’
Clematis ‘Kilian Donahue’

Clematis 'Climador'
Clematis ‘Climador’

Clematis 'Asao'
Clematis ‘Asao’

climador flower
Closeup of ‘Climador’ flower

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Some areas of my garden are definitely suffering right now as we are in desperate need of rain. I love summer, but even I am tired of the heat this year. Months of mid- to upper-90s, not to mention the constant high humidity which puts the heat index well over a hundred most every day, and very little rain have taken a toll this summer but there are a few areas that I have managed to keep watered, including a lot of containers. (I’ll be rethinking just how many containers I have next year.) Click photos to enlarge.

^ A grouping of containers. Look how big the purple fountain grass is! I have it in a large container underplanted with silver dichondra. The other containers have annuals including verbena, marigolds, african daisy, angelina, bubble gum supertunias, dusty miller and black pearl pepper.

flower beds and path
^ Flower bed above gazebo (Ignore the crispy sparse grass)

more containers
^ More containers on the patio, including fuchsia,
coleus, petunias, wandering jew and impatiens.

spring bulb bed with annuals
^ Spring bulb bed overplanted with annuals and containers, including elephant ears, dark purple alternanthera, red sunpatiens, red dragonwing begonias.

persian shield plant
^ Gorgeous Persian Shield plant with impatiens in the secret garden. This one gets partial sun and the color is much more intense than the ones that get more sun in the patio and gazebo flower beds.

agastache heatwaveAgastache Heatwave
^ Love this plant, except that it is almost SIX’ TALL! I am definitely going to have to cut this clump back earlier next year, or move it to another area. I had no idea it got this tall. I have it tied up after it flopped during a storm.

patio bed and container  closeup of tiered container
^ Edge of patio and tiered container, includes perilla magilla, persian shield, impatiens, ferns, wandering jew.

garden arch and creekside plantings  scarlet runner beans on arch
^ The garden arch on the bridge over the creek is new this year. I wanted something (besides morning glory) that would cover the arch quickly and planted scarlet runner beans here in early July. The vines have already covered the arch. Creekside plantings include profusion zinnias, begonias, torenia, marigolds, coneflowers and more.

gazebo bed  black pearl peppers
^ Gazebo bed with varieaged caryopteris, black pearl peppers, dusty miller and marigolds. The black pearl peppers are ripening to a bright red now. I’ll have plenty of seeds this fall!

creekside planting gazebo and slope bed perilla magilla
^ (L to R) Creekside planting with lantana and profusion zinnias, torenia, forget me nots, black eyed susans, daylilies – Another view of the gazebo and slope bed – Perilla Magilla, one plant fills a huge space

crape myrtle tree blooming water feature hanging baskets
^ (L to R) Crape Myrtle still blooming – new small water feature bought on clearance recently, to be used in flower bed next year with seating area – hanging baskets of petunias and supertunias in the August heat

How’s your garden doing during these hot days of August?

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