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my carI’m still loving this car. :)
my car my car

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PT Cruiser

ptcruiser.jpg I absolutely love this car! I’ve had it about 6 weeks now, and haven’t tired of driving it yet. It truly is fun to drive. I cannot look at this car without smiling. We’ve already added a few custom accessories to it (floormats and a few interior accessories, chrome light rings, chrome backup light frames, chrome flames, and chrome plates behind the door handles), and plan on adding more. In fact, we love this car so much that we are building a new carport just to keep it in! lol

PT Cruiser Interior I really love the retro look and feel to everything about this car. The interior even has the retro look, from the gauges and dash shape to the cue ball gear shift knob — very cool. :)

I was reading an interesting excerpt about the Cruiser in “The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way To Understand Why People Around The World Live And Buy As They Do” by Clotaire Rapaille. Rapaille helped Chrysler develop the concept for the PT Cruiser. Rapaille writes:

“It became obvious to me that because the emotion associated with driving and owning a car is so strong, the PT Cruiser needed to be a car people could feel strongly about. It needed to have a distinctive identity to justify such strong emotions. To create a strong identity and a new car at the same time, we decided to tap into something that already existed in the culture, a familiar unconscious structure. The one we chose was the gangster car, the kind of vehicle Al Capone famously drove. This became the PT Cruiser’s signature. It lent the car an extremely strong identity–there is nothing like it on the road today–and the customer responded. Again, if the Cruiser had been just another sedan, the public probably wouldn’t have even noticed it, but its distinctiveness tapped into something very emotional.”

yep, like I said, something about this car makes me smile every time I look at it.

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