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I filled the new island bed (created in spring of last year) with all coleus plants this year and even after two or three hail storms and an extremely HOT and dry summer, it still looks good. I love these plants! Next year, this island bed will be much larger and have a small seating area and water feature and probably some different types of flowers, but for now, I’m happy with the thriving coleus plants. Click on photos to view larger versions.

coleus bed and gazebo
Island bed with coleus plants and gazebo in background.

coleus bed and gazebo
A closer view.

coleus plants thriving
I grew a lot of these coleus from seed. Some of the fancier varieties
I ordered from Rosy Dawn gardens and Gebhart’s.

colorful coleus plants
With foliage like this, who needs flowers?

coleus plants
These plants love this partly shaded area with rich soil.

coleus bed closer view
Volunteer impatiens come up all throughout my garden.

contrasting colors colorful leaves dark leaves and henna coleus
A few of the individual plants.

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