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hot summer coneflowersHere is another new coneflower I’m growing this year, ‘Hot Summer’ (Echinacea). So far, it’s a definite winner for me. I bought two of these and, like the Pow Wow Coneflowers, the plants were very small when I planted them out in early July. They have grown well and are already blooming. I love these! The flowers start out yellow and gradually mature to a deep red, so you get a plant with several different shades of yellow, orange and red all at the same time. Gorgeous! Unlike the PowWows, these are full-sized coneflowers and should reach 3 feet tall. I sure hope they continue to do well and am looking forward to seeing them get bigger and better next year. These first four photos show one flower and the gradual color progression, click to enlarge.

first stage of hot summer
July 9 – first color of newly opened bud is yellow.

yellow-orange coneflower
July 11 – yellow and orange now.

reddish tones hot summer coneflower
July 13 – two days later, red tones now.

red hot summer coneflower
July 15 – Deep red now, the camera doesn’t really capture the gorgeous color.

various colors on hot summer coneflowers
Photo taken today showing various colors on same plant. The red lasts a good while and then begins fading back to a dusty rose color.

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