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I saw this ornamental pepper plant on a blog last year, loved the look of it and found the (ridiculously expensive) seeds online. I ordered them and received 8 measly seeds for 6 bucks… I started 6 of them indoors in spring and now I have 6 large, beautiful ‘Black Pearl’ pepper (Capsicum annuum) plants. The plants are about 2′ tall and with leaves that are truly black, and are filled with tiny purple flowers and clusters of shiny black, pearl-shaped fruit. The peppers began appearing in early summer and mature from black to bright red. I’ll definitely have plenty of seed for next year. Although these peppers are edible, at above 30,000 Scoville Units (five times hotter than a jalapeno), I don’t think I’ll be eating any. In fact, I’m careful even handling them!

I used three of my plants in containers and the other three I planted out in the beds. The black color stands out so well against just about any other color, but I especially like it with the bubble-gum pink petunias, the chartreuse sweet potato vine, and next to a variegated caryopteris bush next to the gazebo. Click on any photo to view larger.

black pearl peppers
Black Pearl Peppers

black pearl with sweet potato
With sweet potato vine and (the hideously ugly) black petunias.

Capsicum annuum Black Pearl
With Caryopteris ‘Snow Fairy’ in gazebo bed.

black pearl pepper with coneflowers young black pearl plant in a container with pink petunias
L to R: With coneflowers, young plant, in a container next to bubblegum supertunias

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