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Click to enlarge and see details and the tiny bee.

Who would think that common clover had such pretty flowers? I hadn’t really paid much attention to them until after I took this closeup of one of the tiny little flower clusters.

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blueberriesThis cardinal and his mate have nested in my yard for at least a year. (Cardinals stay here year-round, and I believe that this particular “couple” have nested here for the past three years, actually.) They love to eat the blueberries this time of year and I don’t mind, but of course if I’m nearby, they try to be discreet about it. This male makes me laugh with his antics most every day. Click on these photos to see the details, especially the third one where he’s looking at me through the leaves.

cardinal on the blueberry bush
He looks around to see if I’m watching. I am.

cardinal hiding in the blueberry bush
He thinks he’s hidden now.

cardinal peeking at me
Click to see him peeking at me… lol

going for a berry
He quickly drops down into the bush and goes for a berry, and I’m trying to get the camera focused…

…I tried to capture a photo of him flying away with the blueberry actually in his mouth, but he was too fast for me, this time. :)

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hummingbird and cosmos flower

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