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The drought here is so severe that many trees lost their leaves throughout late summer, but still, the mountains are beginning to show beautiful colors right now, and many more leaves are falling now.. especially poplar leaves, they are all over the yard and the decks daily, which means lots of sweeping and raking and leaf-blowing. :)

poplar leaves

poplar leaves

The sourwood trees behind the house are beautiful now with their golden blooms and bright red leaves, and even the steep slope coming down near the backyard is pretty with all the fall colors and textures, including wildflowers and grasses, yucca, sumac, dogwoods, hydrangea, blueberry bushes, burning bushes, and various native trees and shrubs.

native sourwood trees, bloom and fall color slope behind house sourwood trees

misc colorful leaves on the ground

Colors are still probably at least two weeks from peak here, but it’s already beautiful outside right now. The air feels cleaner and cooler, everything is brighter and clearer without the glare of the summer sun, skies are bluer.. now, if only we could get some rain.

burning bush fallen colorful leaves fallen poplar leaves

native trees redtip photinia and spicebush more poplar leaves

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