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hostaThis is just a small bed of the many hosta plants I have all around my yard and the woods surrounding. These have been in full bloom for a couple of weeks now, and are almost finished. It seems every single seed germinates and makes a new plant, they spread so fast, and every year I have more and more of them.. I give them away by the dozens and still they keep spreading.. I’ve lined a path in the woods with them and have now started planting them in clumps in the woods surrounding the yard. The photo is of a small cluster of hostas at the end of my yard, on a slope near an outdoor fireplace.

rose of sharonThe rose of sharon bushes (trees) are in full bloom right now. I have pink ones and white ones and several shades of purple. Some of these bushes are more than 10 feet tall. Pretty, but messy with all their falling flowers every day. :) I pull up seedlings by the dozens all over the yard, every summer.

My ivy arbor
ivy arbor ivy arbor with plum tree

This is my ivy arbor. The old cast iron pot belonged to my great grandmother. It used to hang by chains in this arbor, and I always worried that it would fall, so hubby took away the chains and now it sits on the ground below the ivy. Right now, it’s filled with coleus and a couple of vincas. The ivy is very rampant, and I have to prune it several times a year to keep it confined to the arbor. My purple leaved flowering plum tree can be seen in the background.

impatiens in a window boxLooking out my living room window: pink impatiens in a window box planter on my front porch rail. The plants are huge now, and filled with flowers.

Red Tip Photinia
red tip photinia shrubThis is my red tip photinia shrub (tree). I prune it frequently, and all the new growth is red. This is a nice evergreen shrub with glossy leaves, and it’s about 7′ tall right now. It grows very fast and will become leggy and grow to about 15′ tall if not pruned. This shrub makes a good screen or hedge, and the red leaves are very striking against the dark green of the older growth.

white butterfly bush coleus in a hanging container tomatoes

(left to right) 1. The butterfly bushes are in full bloom right now. This is an easy to grow shrub, and is almost evergreen here. I cut it to the ground every other year, and it grows to about 7 or 8 feet tall every summer. 2. A hanging pot of coleus, on a privacy fence at the far end of the yard. 3. Tomatoes.. dozens of tomatoes. :)

front yardThe edge of the front yard; plants include miscellaneous evergreen shrubs and my lamp post with a container of annuals at the base of it. My red tip bush can be seen in the background. I love growing mixed annuals in containers; it’s easy to experiment with different color combinations.

dianthus bedA long narrow bed along the edge of the driveway, filled with mixed color dianthus (pinks), and purple verbena. Although the dianthus are sold as annuals here, they come back year after year, and are one of my favorite flowers.

huge leavesHuge leaves of a young princess tree, also known as royal paulownia or empress tree. I wouldn’t recommend this tree, as they can become very invasive in the south. We cut this one down every fall, and it sprouts again in the late spring. The young leaves are absolutely huge, and the tree grows up to 20′ tall in one season. If the trees are allowed to grow, they become very tall very quickly, and as the wood is hollow, the limbs are very brittle and easily broken, and the mature trees are unstable and dangerous. These trees flower at about 8 yrs old, with long, wisteria-like clusters of fragrant purple flowers, followed by brown seed pods.

red penta flowers hostas red salvia

(left to right) 1. Penta flowers after a light rain shower. 2. Hosta lilies lining a pathway into the woods. 3. Red salvia in bloom.

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